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The Beginner Course is designed to help beginners in trading to achieve three main objectives; Fundamentals, Technology & Psychology. In order to be successful you need to learn the fundamentals of the business of trading. You need a productive working environment, a trading computer, and internet with basic beginners trading software. You need to have the traders mindset which means the right attitude to be a trader. The most often-overlooked aspects of trading is psychology, which is why we begin by developing the correct mindset. The beginner course will prepare you with a strong foundation for your trading career, and this is where all successful traders begin their journey. After a successful completion of the beginners course, you will then proceed to intermediate course to learn the correct techniques of using technical analysis to find high probability trading opportunities.

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Day Trading Fundamentals * * * *
Office, Computer & Software Set-Up * * * *
Broker & Trade Account Set-Up * * * *
Trading Calendar * * *
Economic News Strategy * * *
Trader Psychology * * *
Technical Analysis Fundamentals * *
Japanese Candlesticks * *
Reversal Lines * *
Moving Averages * *
Trend Channels * *
Trading Ranges * *
Triangles & Wedges * *
Battle Zone * *
Measured Moves & Symmetry * *
Volatility & Risk * *
Market Psychology *
Trending Day Strategy *
Range Day Strategy *
Rotational Day Strategy *
Trade Set-Ups *
Trading Rules *
Entry Triggers & Techniques *
Trade Management *
Trading Plan *
Cheat Sheets & Checklists *
Trade Room Recording Archive *
Technical Indicators *
Unlimited Trade Room *
Unlimited Technical Support *
Members Summit *

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